I have been privileged to take photographs for a living for over 35 years.

I was given a camera for my 12th birthday, I can remember the thrill of opening that box and I still get the same excitement today when opening a new camera.

The art of photography gives you a host of possibilities. You can preserve a moment in time, create a beautiful memory, provoke an instant emotion or simply create an image that delights or intrigues the mind and the eye.

Over the past four decades I have worked on six continents and photographed everything imaginable, from sharks to brides (not at the same time, of course).

Nowadays, I mostly indulge myself in my real photographic passion - automotive photography. I enjoy the drama of the noise and speed and the characters that go with it. In complete contrast, I also enjoy wildlife work. They somehow complement each other.

These days I no longer undertake commissioned work, however I am happy to sell my images as digital files or prints.